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Fisch & Fisch / Fisch & Fisch Engineering Uruguay

Set up and reorganization of industrial plants

Fisch & Fisch Engineering has the technical capacity to install or re-locate an industrial installation or part of the same, from one country to another, in any part of the world, through the Turn-Key operation system, taking full responsibility for all the phases of the process as follows:

  • Creation of engineering analysis and evaluation reports.
  • Dismantling of machinery, equipment and instruments.
  • Conventional and specialized packaging.
  • Land, air and sea shipping to any part of the world.
  • National and international insurance.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Creation and modification of layout.
  • Reinstallation of machinery and equipment.
  • Operation Start-Up.
  • Full warranty of the operation.
  • Design and manufacturing of welding devices.
  • Advice and consultancy provided in every phase of the process.
Reports and evaluation regarding engineering, consultancy and logistics advice
  • Technical reports regarding machinery and equipment.
  • Real estate evaluations.
  • Logistics planning and distribution (Layout).
  • Special packaging.
  • Logistics advice.
  • Storage.
Industrial maintenance and operation of public services

Fisch & Fisch Engineering has technical experience in the management and maintenance of industrial installations including:

  • Inventory controls.
  • Indicators analysis.
  • Electrical/electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance.
  • Operation and maintenance of services (gas, air, water, vapor, electricity, etc.).
  • Managing of cleaning services and patrimonial conservation services.
  • Projects for improvements and development of the same.
Construction and alteration of equipment

Fisch & Fisch Engineering operates in the field of technical activities and provides support regarding the modernization and installation of either new or re-located machinery and equipment such as:

  • Modification of machinery and equipment (for electrics, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics).
  • Machinery and equipment automation (including automatic controls and numerical controls, substitution of control software).
  • Boiler services and locksmith works (manufacturing of skids, racks, mezzanine structures, metallic structures and transportation tables).