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Fisch & Fisch - Fisch & Fisch Uruguay
At Fisch & Fisch we have technical experience to assemble or re-locate an industrial installation or part of the same (between states or countries). Capacity to develop “Turn-Key” works taking full responsibility for every phase of the process.

  • Production of evaluation analysis.
  • Dismantling of machinery, equipment and tools (in place of origin).
  • Conventional or special packaging.
  • Documentation (Packing List)
  • Land, air or sea shipping.
  • Insurance.
  •  Customs proceedings.
  • Reinstallation (in place of destination).
  • Painting, refurbishing and modernization services.
  • Operation Start-Up.
  • Full warranty of the operation.
  • Consultancy and advice services provided in every phase of the project.
Establishment and modification of industrial plants.

From its dismantling process to its reinstallation and set up, the warranty of a solid group working in many different countries, assisting and controlling every phase of the process, “Turn Key” provides security and safety to its customers.

We also develop new production areas such as:

  • Press Shop
  • Body Shop
  • Stamp
  • Assembly Line

We have our own fleet and we provide any kind of shipping either nationally or internationally. Provision of information, safety, punctuality and quality of our operations are key features of our work.

Movement and re-location of machinery. Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic assembly. Boards and Engineering.

Conventional and specialized packaging

We have developed a special line of packaging for South America, which is very popular in the European market, to cater for the highest standards of needs and demands of our customers.

For sea shipping we provide a vacuum packed thermo sealed aluminum packaging which offers up to six months full protection against weather conditions and the environment in which the products shall be stored. We also provide VCI technology (for protection against corrosion) which creates a micro atmosphere inside the box, isolating its contents from humidity. All our packaging complies with the HPE provision, which is a German reference standard for packaging.

Industrial maintenance

Experience in management; development and outsourcing of maintenance activities in industrial installations (mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics).

As we carry out preventive and corrective maintenance activities, we commit ourselves to providing our service in accordance with availability indexes in the line of production, with full supervision of the contracting party, thus reducing operational costs and providing even better effectiveness, in order to reach our desired goals.

Refurbishment and automation of fittings
  • Conditioning of electrics, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Automation and modernization (use of automatic controls and CNC /Computerized Numerical Controls/, substitution and adaptation of control software).
Boilers and metallic structures 
  • Manufacturing of metallic structures and transportation tables.
  • Variety of pipe racks, skids, mezzanines, etc.
Engineering analysis and evaluation

Engineering evaluation and submission of technical reports regarding machinery and equipment in order to obtain importing licenses and other purposes.