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Fisch & Fisch Uruguay – Fisch & Fisch – The Company

Fisch & Fisch – “Each piece in place”

Fisch & Fisch Uruguay

Fisch & Fisch – Engineering and Systems it’s a company which provides global solutions for production and industrial purposes, with the aim to satisfy its customers’ needs by providing the best service, competitive prices and top quality.

By doing our job we intend to help your company reach its productivity goals, reduce costs, optimize resources and minimize production times, thus making it more competitive in general terms.

We develop “Turn-Key” projects, which include a wide range of services throughout all the different stages involved; pre sale services (consultancy and viability analysis); supply of materials, staff and software; installation and start-up; documentation, training and post-sale assistance.

Our mission is to take your project from a mere concept to a fact with the provision of an excellent service, top quality and technology.

Fisch & Fisch develops its activities internationally, offering ideal industrial logistics solutions for the transportation of machinery and equipment. There are Fisch & Fisch offices in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France and Morocco.

Fisch & Fisch Corporation

Fisch & Fisch

A North American company that provides industrial logistics services, machinery and equipment removal, industrial maintenance, storage and transportation services.



A German company located in the Hamburg port which has great presence all over Europe. It is a leading company in the fields of special packaging for all kind of purposes, and it also provides services for air, sea and land shipping, stock and logistics with air-conditioned storehouses for storage and handling.



A Brazilian company of insurance general operations which specializes on management of national and international risks.

Double Star – Logistics de Uruguay
Double Star
A transportation, storage and logistics company with branches all over South America.

Rohr Shipping Agency

ROHR Shipp & Log

A company which specializes on personalized assistance for all kinds of vessels (containers, bulk-carriers, projected cargo, tankers, cruises, ro-ro /roll on – roll off/, cattle on the hoof, etc.), acting on behalf of customers before local authorities in Montevideo, Punta del Este, Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos, Paysandú and Boya Petrolera.

Marmedsa Group


A universal forwarding company operating directly in the maritime field: dispatch and storage of cargo, shipping, customs proceedings, port handling and land transportation, with offices in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Morocco.



A Brazilian company which specializes on international consultancy and customs proceedings with offices in several continents.